Twelve undeniable facts about the Ericksen Bender:
Bends 1/2,3/4,1″emt, 1/2,3/4″ grc, 1/2,3/4″ pvc coated grc, all with one bender.
Weighs only 4.5 lbs., uses a standard 3/4″ handle. ( not included)
Uses less conduit than the regular benders for each ninety.
Less conduit means fewer fittings and less copper wire.
The long twelve inch radius is easier to bend.
Does not distorts the diameter of the emt much, so it is possible to put a fitting on the cut radius.
One person pushes three to five #12 solid cu. wires through eighty feet of conduit with four nineties in just over three minutes, PERFECT FOR A SERVICE TRUCK!
Longer conduit runs without the need of j-boxes for pulling wire.
No wire-lube to clean up afterward.
Install wire with one person pushing it through the long radius bends.
The twelve inch radius is acceptable for fiber optics.
Less labor and materials makes a larger profit possible.